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About: This little space on the internet is a place of Light. It is a collection of letters from Home... the Home we belong to, us, children of the Light. It is meant to strengthen us in our journey through the valley of the shadow of death. We are surrounded by shadows, but we are walking, sometimes running, toward the Light. There, our Heaven, is where the Father and the Son live in the Joy and the Peace of Love. There, we Love and are Loved. There, no one can take our Joy away from us. Until then, we walk humbly and bravely through this place of dusk. We walk through the night, but we are not afraid. We hear the words of our Father: "In this life, it does not matter so much what you DO, so long as you remember who you ARE. Home, my beloved, is the Light."

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a duet of “i’ll try anything once” :)


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    i didn’t even recognize this as a strokes song until i heard the guitar/piano riffs. really really gorgeous.
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